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When to Have Your Furnace Serviced

furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX

One of the primary components of HVAC systems is your furnace. This heating system consists of multiple valves, moving parts, and pipes that require regular furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX to be sure that everything is in good working order.

The furnace in your home is a complex machine that consists of multiple valves, moving parts, and pipes that require regular furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX.  Having it serviced ensures its efficiency and utmost performance through the years.

But what are the signs that your furnace needs to be serviced? Why should you not forget regular heating system maintenance? You will know them all in this guide. Let’s get started!

6 Common Signs That Your Furnace Need Immediate Service and Maintenance

Your furnace is an important appliance that needs to be checked regularly for wear and tear. The following are some signs your furnace should be serviced:

The Fan Won’t Start

Imagine your furnace breaks down in the middle of a cold night because of a malfunctioning fan. That could turn your night into a disaster, and you can’t help but wonder why your heating system fan won’t start.

There are many reasons why this happens. It might be because of coolant buildups or problems with the thermostat settings. But for a better and safer diagnosis, it is perfect to contact the right specialist for quick furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX.

You’re Hearing Strange Sounds

Any HVAC unit creates a sound while in use. But if you start to notice a screeching noise, it could indicate a potential problem to the furnace motor. The belt, in particular, might be damaged.

In case your furnace creates a scraping sound, it might be a sign of worn-out ball bearings. Or the blower wheel has just come loose. Thus, make sure it is checked by a local HVAC contractor that provides comprehensive furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX.

The Pilot Light Goes Off Frequently

It is not surprising for a pilot light to go off while running. But when you need to light it up repeatedly every day, that’s something you cannot take lightly. You perhaps need to have your furnace serviced and maintained. It is possible that the thermocouple isn’t sensing enough heat in order for it to stay lit, and with a licensed technician, any faulty components will be inspected and replaced accordingly.

You Feel a Drastic Change in Air Temperature Inside Your Home

A furnace is designed to heat up your home during colder months. But that does not mean it would run smoothly throughout its lifetime.

After frequent use, its heating efficiency may change, and you would start to notice an uneven air temperature inside your residential or commercial property, which could be a sign of damaged zone controls, leaking ductwork, clogged air filter, and short cycling. Low indoor temperatures can also point towards low gas pressure levels too.

You Notice Dark Spots Along Baseboard Heating or Radiators

Dust accumulate inside the furnace. But discoloration and dark spots along the surfaces of your heating system at home could mean excessive soot buildup. And leaving it unclean for a long period of time could lead to costly repairs. So, get in touch with a company that is known to offer customized furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX.

Vibrations are Coming From the Ductwork

Loud, banging vibrations from the air vents inside your house can affect the quality of your night’s sleep. When a duct network is vibrating, it could mean that there is some movement within the ducts that can be addressed with a quality furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX.

Is Regular Furnace Service Important?

Many homeowners believe that their job ends once their HVAC system is installed. But remember that you are just getting started, and your heating system needs a furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX to keep it in excellent condition all year round.

Here are the other benefits of getting your furnace maintained and repaired properly:

Keep Dangerous Gases At Bay

The accumulation of carbon monoxide in any environment can be fatal. However, without maintenance, this potentially deadly gas can slowly accumulate throughout your home. But regularly scheduled HVAC service guarantees that any dangerous gas buildup within your furnace is drained and neutralized

Every year, hundreds or even thousands of Americans die from exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning because of faulty heating equipment. When your heating system malfunctions or breaks down completely, it can put your family at risk by allowing CO to seep into any areas of your home.

Make Sure Your Unit Works At Peak Efficiency

A furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX also ensures that your heating appliance is working at peak efficiency especially at the time you need it the most. You will enjoy enough heat in every room you have without a sudden spike in your utility bills during colder seasons.

Optimal Indoor Air Quality

Over time, dirt can build up in a furnace and when not removed, it will not only stop your heating system, but also affect your home’s indoor air quality. It is always a must to clean and replace every HVAC component where dust accumulates, including the air filter, the duct network, as well as the blower motor.

Usually, homeowners handle an HVAC cleaning job on their own. But if you do not have the right tools and experience, it will be best to entrust this project to a dependable furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX. 

Make Your Heating Unit Longer Lasting

Some furnaces last a decade while others are replaced quickly. Which do you prefer between the two, though? It’s the heating system that lasts for a decade or more for sure.

But how do you extend the lifespan of your furnace? A furnace service in Timberwood Park , TX is one sure way. Some manufacturers estimate that professional heating system service can add an average of three years to the life of an HVAC unit, reducing (or delaying) costly expenses related to repair or replacement.

Your Furnace Will Provide Warmth When You Need it Most

Without regular furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX in place before the colder weather arrives, your unit may fail at its critical moment, leaving you and your family in the cold.

Thus, having your heating unit maintained and repaired can ensure that it remains in good working order year-round, even when it is relied upon in extreme circumstances.

How Often Should You Have Your Furnace Serviced?

Homes in Timberwood Park have different styles of heating systems. But despite that, it is necessary to have your heating appliance serviced at least once a year.

However, you do not have to wait for a one long year to pass before you can contact a technician for customized furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX.

When your air filter has a buildup of dirt or your heat exchanger has cracks, it would be helpful to consider a thorough heating unit check-up to keep your unit in excellent condition no matter the season.

What Are The Things To Consider When Looking for a Furnace Technician?

Your furnace is tripping circuit breaker or your condenser is leaking refrigerant. Then, it is time to rely on a furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX. But if you are a beginner, you might be unaware about who to hire. It is wise to determine how long a local HVAC contractor has been in the business. The technician with more years of being in the industry, the better.

Although it might require additional expenses to hire an experienced HVAC specialist, you can be certain that the furnace service is up to your expectations and requirements. This will help you save more money and time in the long run.

Aside from the experience, it is also important to check whether a contractor is licensed or not. Luckily, most HVAC companies display their licensing information on their website.

If you cannot find one, you can ask the service providers directly. But, if you know a relative or some friends who recently work with the technician, it would also help if you talk to them.

It is also worthwhile to identify the other services your furnace contractor offers. When the technician only specializes in heating system repair, look for the other who can provide comprehensive HVAC services, such as installation, maintenance, and replacement to save your time.

Why It Is Always Best to Work With An Expert?

There are many advantages when working with an HVAC expert. With their knowledge, they can handle furnaces of all makes and models. Whether you have electric or natural gas heating unit, a certified technician can  get your installation, repair, or maintenance projects done according to the industry’s highest standards.

What’s more, a certified HVAC professional provides customized services that are available at a competitive rate. Whether you are on a budget or want a quality furnace service in Timberwood Park, TX, you can never go wrong with hiring the pros.

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