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Importance of AC Maintenance & AC Maintenance Checklist You Need to Know


No one wants to get soaked in sweat just because the air conditioner isn’t working well. Hence, it’s important to get your AC regularly serviced so that it works properly when you need it most.

In this Real Trade Secrets episode, Jacob McBee will share how important AC maintenance is along with an AC maintenance checklist to keep your system working at its best through the years.  

Watch this video to learn more from Jacob McBee!

Importance of AC Maintenance

It’s getting hot and we don’t want to suffer from the heat for long, so the My Favorite Service Company team ensures that your air conditioner is professionally maintained and is looked at. 

With regular maintenance, you won’t experience any mishaps during the summer months and you won’t have to sleep in sweat. Therefore, maintenance lets you know how your system is operating so you can prevent breakdowns and big, expensive repairs in the future.

“Because if it breaks down, it’s not going to break down at the best time. It’s going to break down whenever it’s the hottest day of the summer”.

Whenever you’re looking to maintain your air conditioner, the MFSC team will go in there and make sure to tighten all electrical connections and do all the things. The moment you ignore minor repairs, it will only get worse and worse ending in much more extensive repair just like with your car.

And as much as they run, you need to really do it at least once a year. And for units 10 years old and above, you should schedule maintenance at least twice a year.

What customers like about MFSC guys is that they are prompt to respond to any HVAC issue and they provide world-class service. They will give a full report to determine the things that need to be done in the future and to know if minor repairs are required. The report will help you better understand your options out there so you can act as quickly as possible.

McBee has shared how proud he is of his team saying, “I’m just so proud of them. And I’ll even take just a second, I’ll kind of veer off your, and I’ll tell you, the team that I have here, I’m so proud of them, but also so proud of myself for hiring them if I can pat myself on the back”.

MFSC’s AC Maintenance Checklist

When doing any AC maintenance tasks, the MFSC team makes sure they have a ‘thorough checklist’ on hand so they won’t forget stuff the moment they are in the field.

1. Create a written report.

In everything they do, they load it up into the computer base as they’re monitoring the system. The system is going into iCloud where it saves the information so they can always go back to the report. Then the information and results are always monitored by a third party to verify the guys in the field.

 2. Check the system thoroughly.

They want to clean, treat and verify that you have a proper draining system. Your air conditioner can produce 20 gallons of water in a day. And if it’s producing 20 gallons of water in a day and it’s not draining properly, it can damage your system and your property and cause an accident.

The MFSC team wants to make sure that that’s operating properly, and that we’ve got safety measures attached to it, so if there is a problem, you can actually shut the air conditioner down and prevent it from producing more water.

3. Check the return air—making sure it’s clean.

It’s so important to have clean air on the entering side of things. You want to go through and verify that the indoor equipment is clean, that the air filters, the blower motor, the housing, and the evaporator coils, and make sure that those are all good.

So the next time your air conditioner goes out, you know who to call. Dial (830) 212-4231to schedule an appointment with one of My Favorite Service company technicians.

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