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Heating Services and Repairs in San Antonio

For assistance with heating and air in San Antonio, contact My Favorite Service Company at (830) 212-4231 today.

We offer a wide range of services for anyone who requires help in the region, and you can review these services with us at any time. Our expert technicians have a wealth of experience in the industry that we bring to every project we complete, including heating and air service, repair, and installation.

Heating San Antonio, TX

With free estimates and answers to all your questions, we offer everything you need so that you can keep the HVAC systems in your home or business in top condition.

What you get when you hire our team

We have earned the reputation for being the best air conditioning company in the business. Here are a few more reasons to choose us for your cooling needs:

  • Highly trained technicians
  • Professional and polite team
  • Cutting-edge technology and techniques
  • Multiple payment options
  • Excellent customer service
  • Discounted annual maintenance plans
  • Commitment to 100% customer satisfaction

Repair Services

Repair services are available at any time. When you believe you have an issue with your HVAC system, call My Favorite Service Company for assistance. We will send a team to your home or business as quickly as possible, and we start every service with an inspection of the entire system.

We never know what might cause the issues in and around your home or office. So, we take the time needed to figure out any and all problems before any work begins. After the inspection, we are happy to review the report with you so that you understand the nature of the issue.

At this time, we can pull parts from the truck to complete the job. We strive to have the right parts at the time of the service, and we can order anything that is not currently available.

We complete the repairs that you approve, or we can split your invoice into several services that you believe are affordable. We test the system before we leave your home, and you are welcome to ask questions before we finish each repair.

We can also complete a virtual diagnosis in some situations if you believe there is an issue we can solve remotely. If necessary, we can visit your home and make the required repairs.

We encourage our customers to avoid DIY repairs as much as possible. Your HVAC system is a very complicated device that can prove risky to manage without proper training. Contact us immediately if you need help with your heater or ac unit.

When to Call For San Antonio Heating Repair

  • Cold Air
  • Poor Airflow
  • Odd Sounds
  • High Electricity Bills

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, act fast; don’t let a small issue turn into expensive damage.


There comes a time when repairing that old system is no longer worth it. Call us today to get your free quote!


After a thorough inspection that is 3rd party verified we’ll get your system back up and running!


Keep your Heating and AC system running smoothly with our routine maintenance packages.

Routine Service

Routine services are incredibly vital because they both extend the life of your HVAC unit and always ensure efficiency. An efficient device provides easy maintenance and costs less money to power every month. We can complete scheduled, regular service to your HVAC unit in a single appointment. Moreover, we work with you to replace small parts in the system that will eventually stop working due to normal wear and tear.

Heating System San Antonio, TX

During a routine service, we may also encounter issues that must be repaired before the system spirals out of control. While certain repairs may be more expensive than others, we will truthfully explain the situation to you before we begin the work. Our team can also let you know how long your HVAC system should last. If it is time for you to replace the system, we can discuss your options for purchasing the perfect replacement.

The heater in your home includes heating elements, a blower motor, and electronics that should be checked regularly. Depending on how much you use the heater, we can inspect the system once every three, six, or nine months. Homeowners who rarely run their heater in the winter may only need to schedule yearly service appointments.

Furnace Replacement and Installation

Replacement and installation play a large role in keeping your home or business in good condition. The replacement of an older HVAC unit can offer a good way to reduce your energy bills and increase the value of your home. A house with a brand-new HVAC unit is more appealing than one with an old and deteriorating system.

Replacement includes removal of the old unit, replacing fittings, and installing new pipes or hoses. This proves an essential step as we want your new HVAC unit to work as if it were new. We can also replace your heater with a much smaller device that fits into tight spaces. Saving space helps you keep the house safe and ensures that you do not overheat the utility closet or room where the heater sits.

If you plan to build a new home or renovate or refurbish an existing home, we can help you choose a device that perfectly matches the house. We can even install new ductwork if required. The installation process includes the removal of your old HVAC unit from the property.

We test the system before we leave your home, and we are happy to install a new thermostat that helps keep the system in good condition. For example, consider installing a programmable thermostat that is more efficient, often lowering your energy bills even further. Smart thermostats even allow you to activate or deactivate your HVAC system even when not at home.

Indoor Air Quality

We are happy to work with you to improve your indoor air quality. The Ultravation Solaris purifiers are perfect for homes in the area. We can install heating systems that also purify the air at the same time. When you have issues with indoor air quality, you might experience coughing, sneezing, and a higher than average incidence of illness in the household.

We can also replace your filters or install specialized filters that are appropriate for your home. There are filters strong enough to clean the air to the level of a hospital operating room, and we can help you choose the filters that will keep your family healthy.

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My Favorite Service Company in San Antonio has been in business for 19 years—with owner Jacob McBee in the industry for 24 years. At My Favorite Service Company, we always tell the truth, respect our customers, and treat everyone like family.

We proudly serve San Antonio, La Vernia, and the surrounding areas. Contact My Favorite Service Company at (830) 212-4231 for information on everything the company offers. You can request these services at any time, and you can keep your new or existing home in perfect condition, comfortable, and functioning through the hottest and coldest parts of the year.

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