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Furnace Services Hollywood Park, TX

Credible and Expert Furnace Services in Hollywood Park, TX

When your furnace starts to show signs of failure due to old age or normal wear and tear, you need to call on credible and professional furnace services in Hollywood Park, TX. A malfunctioning furnace can be detrimental to the comfort and safety of your home.

Credible and Expert Furnace Services in Hollywood Park, TX

So, in the event that you notice any signs that would need emergency furnace services, then it’s time to get in touch with the HVAC experts at My Favorite Service Company.

Normal Furnace Noise

When a furnace starts up, you’ll normally hear some engine noise. It would usually be a popping or clicking sound as the furnace starts to warm or heat up. As the heating system would settle down the humming sound would also dissipate.

Now, when you compare old furnaces with newer models, the older units are usually noisy. The new models we have today would usually have special insulation to hush the noise as the furnace runs.

Strange Furnace Noise

What is beyond the normal can be easy to distinguish when the sounds become too disruptive for your home. Here are a couple of sounds that denotes furnace problem:

  • Rumbling. If you hear a loud rumbling sound even after the furnace is done with its cycle then this can be worrisome. This could mean that fuel is continuously burning inside the combustion chambers even though the burners are already switched off. This could be dangerous as it may be linked to issues with the flame sensors, burners, or pilot light which poses health risks related to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Grinding. Having a preventive annual maintenance plan with My Favorite Service Company will help prevent grinding sounds. The grinding noise is usually attributed to problems with the blower motor. The bearings would need regular lubrication that you can get from scheduled tune-ups or furnace services in Hollywood Park, TX. The scraping sound would usually come from dry bearings.
  • Banging. If you notice a banging or popping sound that is louder than usual then it could point to dirty burners which may risk cracks in the heat exchangers. The situation warrants furnace repair done as soon as possible to avoid any potential gas leaks or explosions from happening.
  • Humming. When you hear a low or mild humming sound coming from the furnace, it would usually be a part of a cycle. However, if it comes on all of a sudden then the problem might be in its capacitor or fan.

Get to the Bottom of the Problem!

Go with an HVAC company that provides a customized plan for furnace services that match your requirements and budget. Don’t let the furnace noise bother you, call on our expert technicians to handle your home furnace needs so you can relax in a warm and comfortable home.

When you keep hearing these strange and disruptive noises, it’s best to call on My Favorite Service Company for furnace services in Hollywood Park, TX. Contact us today at (830) 212-4231 to book an appointment for furnace installation, repair, and maintenance services. Get a free estimate and extend the life of your furnace today!


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